About Us

Outsource is Western Canada’s employee management organization for small to medium businesses, providing an easy solution to your payroll needs. Access our economy of scale for payroll and regain your focus on company growth, direction and strategic planning

How we can help

Outsource is part of the Executrade group of companies with over 40 years of industry experience and expertise. Outsource provides integrated human resource outsource services that help reduce employer risks by ensuring compliance.

  1. Reduce Liabilities and increase CRA compliance:  Liabilities reduced through improved compliance and practices in outsource employer services
  2. Broaden HR Expertise:  For an additional fee, access a broad range of HR solutions through a single source of human resources specialists
  3. Save Time and Money: Costs of internal human resources specialists is eliminated
  4. Take the Work out of HR:  Access seamless, comprehensive HR solutions developed through our holistic integrated approach (customized by human resources specialists to meet your specific needs)

Discover your entrepreneurial passion with Outsource’s employer services. We provide a human resource management solution that enables you to focus on the business development and revenue-generating aspects of your business.

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